Our Patron, James Seales

Introducing James Seales, Our Patron:


James first joined Waimairi Tennis Club in 1982 and has played tennis competitively and socially since then. He was a member of the Club’s Management Committee from 1984 until 1993, during that time he was elected to the role of Vice President (1988-1990) and then as President from 1.990 to 1993. During this time, he was actively involved in the fund raising, planning and implementation of significant court and club house redevelopments. ln his role as Southern Region Director of AIG lnsurance he was able to provide significant corporate sponsorships to the Club which were used to outfit senior competition team members with quality uniforms. As an acknowledgment of this service to the Club he was elected a Life Member in 1994. James is still an active player at the Club.

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