Women’s team win Final

Dec 17, 2018

The Premier Women’s final between Waimairi and Te Kura Hagley Park (TKHP) took place in perfect tennis conditions on Waimairi’s new hard courts on Saturday afternoon 15th Dcember 2018.

The outcome of the doubles matches was key, in particular the top doubles in which Joelene Feneon and Kerrie Ling took on Michelle Kelsen and Beth Williamson. The match was an exciting exchange between experienced pairings. TKPH took the lead, making few mistakes and targeting Ling to take out the first set 6-3. However, Ling quietly picked up the angles at the net and smashes she is reknowned for whilst Feneon continued to fight and set up the points in her usual error free way. The second set was the best Women’s doubles exhibition I have seen this season. But the errors crept in for Williamson and TKHP, and the second set went to Waimairi. TKHP fought hard in the tie-break third, but errors and double faults meant Waimairi took it reasonably comfortably.

The second doubles saw the developing pairing of Jade Feneon and Farrah Richards play Ashleigh Leonard and Mirea Yahagi. TKHP’s usual fourth, Pang Suwanaposee, was unavailable for the final.. Feneon served beautifully, and she and Richards took little time and made few errors in winning 6-1, 6-0.

With Waimairi on top 2-0, the four singles pairings took to the courts.

 Vera Goesmann played against Ashleigh Leonard at two. Goesmann, who had sat out the doubles, was dominant throughout although Leonard rallied hard in her usual way. Goesmann took the match 6-0,6-1. Jade Feneon continued her excellent serving and general form in playing Michelle Kelsen at 3. Feneon was clinical against her older opponent, winnin 6-1, 6-0. And at fourth, Farrah Richards was equally unforgiving against her opponent Yahagi. Richards won 6-0, 6-1.

In the number one singles. Joelene Feneon and Beth Williamson took to the court. Williamson had beaten Feneon in pool play, and TKHP would have been confident of this match. However, Williamson continued to make errors that had crept in during the doubles, and the experienced Feneon knew to exploit the situation. The match was characterised by long, strong ground stroke rallies from the back of the court with Feneon tending to finish with an excellently placed forehand. It was a gritty match that provided further excellent entertainment for the onlookers. Feneon took the match 7-5,6-3.

Waimairi then took the match and so the Women’s premiership 6-0. The top doubles and singles showed Women’s tennis in Canterbury at its best, as one might expect in a Premier final.

Cassandra Hinton- Women’s Club Captain