Senior play all year

You are more than welcome to come along for a free trial on our world class courts and we encourage you to do so.


There is plenty on offer at the club for a Senior member, whether you are playing Interclub Tennis in one of the club’s many teams, playing  in organised social play on Saturday afternoons or Wednesday evenings, or playing midweek (see below) on a Tuesday or a Thursday, whatever your flavour the club can cater for you. Our Adult programmes run over the course of the whole year as well.

  • There are regular themed Grand Slam events such as  Wimbledon on Waimairi , held for the last two years when Wimbledon is being played.

Saturday Afternoon play

  • 1.30pm til 3.30pm every Saturday…. Social round robin doubles.Players are grouped into doubles pairings by a computer programme that matches you against players of an equivalent standard.

Wednesday Evening play

  • 6.30pm-7.30pm ..Similar to Saturdays, social round robin doubles.

To join us at Waimairi please visit our membership and fees page

Midweek Tennis at Waimairi

  • Come and play Tuesday morning social tennis at Waimairi Tennis Club.
  • WHEN : Every Tuesday
    WHERE : 49 Watford Street
    TIMES : 9.30am
    WHO : Anyone can play – women and men. You don’t have to be a member.  We simply ask you pay the $10 court fee each visit.

Loan racquets are available. Non-members who join the club will receive  four free coaching lessons of one hour duration in a group session. Competitive subscriptions.


Waimairi tennis club offers its senior members a range of opportunities to represent the club and participate in Canterbury Tennis senior interclub competitions each season. Competition is played on the weekend, typically from late September to late March.

The following provides a broad outline of interclub competitive play offered at Waimairi:

Men’s Interclub Competition – Teams are made up of 4 players and each player plays a singles and doubles match. Play is on a Sunday and rotates around tennis clubs. Waimairi has teams in all 6 Divisions of the Men’s Competition, so their is plenty of opportunity for players to get their competitive fix at the appropriate level.

Women’s Interclub Competition – Teams are made up of 4 players and each player plays a singles and doubles match. Play is on a Sunday morning and rotates around tennis clubs. Waimairi enters teams in at least 2 of the 3 Women’s divisions where again every effort is made to ensure players are competing at the appropriate level.

Mixed Interclub Competition – Teams are made up of 2 men and 2 women and each player plays three mixed matches on the trot. Play is on a Saturday Afternoon at Wilding Park.  Waimairi has to date participated in the Division 2 competition but can enter teams at any level depending on player ability.

Men’s and Women’s Premier Competition – For our top level players the Premier competition has the same format as other Men’s and Women’s Divisions and is played on a Saturday afternoon.

Interclub teams are coordinated by our Club Captains. If you are a new member interested in competitive play, or newly interested in adding the competitive dimension to your game, please talk to a club captain to find out more or register your interest.

John Cochran – for Men’s Interclub and Men’s Premier Competition and 0297712152

Cassandra Hinton – for Women’s and Mixed Interclub and Women’s Premier Competition and 02102237650

Visit Canterbury Tennis for more information on Interclub status and rules.


WTC Seniors Tournament 2021

This years event was hosted over the weekend of July 3/4th,  at Z Energy Wilding Park

100 plus players participated in the 2021 Davis Ogilvie sponsored event.

This was Waimairi Tennis Club’s ninth annual seniors tournament.

It is exciting to be a part of the seniors tournament calendar, and to provide the seniors tennis community with a fantastic opportunity to come together with new and old friends in a tournament that will be held regardless of the weather.